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K2fly Tailings Management

An Integrated Compliance Solution

Improve compliance and provide visibility to reduce risks and manage your obligations with K2fly Tailings Management. Implement safety through our advanced platform and integrations.

Visualise and Report on TSF Information
Overlay Critical InSAR Data for Analysis
Monitor and Measure Performance of TSFs
Stakeholder Management
Integrated Knowledge Base

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Compliance-driven tailings monitoring

Visualise and report on your tailings performance against key industry benchmarks such as the Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management (GISTM) and Church of England.


Visualise and report on disparate and complex IoT and engineering tailings data within a single platform

Analyse data over time to highlight potential failures and risks associated with landscape shifts and movements, and water levels

Capture and display data aligned with Engineers of Record, RFTEs and Accountable Executives ready for use at a corporate level for disclosure

Measure your performance against key industry benchmarks for safely managing your Tailings Storage Facilities (TSFs)

The benefits of a Tailings Management solution

Manages licence to operate risk
Boosts reputation and credibility
Improves stakeholder trust
Safeguards ESG impact

Tailings Management Feature Sets


Monitor, measure and detect deformation of land surfaces and be automatically alerted to safety exceedances down to 1-2 cms.


Monitor unplanned structural movements of earth in near real-time and be automatically alerted to customer defined exceedances.

Earth Observations & Zones

Visualise and access advanced analysis and imagery including NDVI, NDRE, MSAVI and NDWI

Environmental Monitoring

Manage your project-specific data requirements and insights to help drive effective environmental monitoring


Manage and plot external stakeholder profile information and any point of engagement between them or actions required


Project specific legal obligations such as permits, approvals, licences and any actions associated with the conditions

Map Files

Visualise your geospatial data to identify trends and gain important insights