Decipher - Mining Software - Technical Assurance, Resource & Mineral Governance - Enterprise SaaS
Acquired March 2021


Decipher’s award winning cloud platform is trusted by resource and energy teams globally to support Rehabilitation and Closure and to facilitate improved safety decision making and reduced risk for Tailing Storage Facility governance, monitoring and disclosure.

Create corporate report templates and meet requests for data provision from industry groups such as ICMM, Global Tailings Portal, PRI, and UNEP.
Captures and displays data visually from drones, remote sensing, satellites, spreadsheets and systems
Provides the full end-to-end solution for tailings monitoring and governance in the one place
Integrates with Microsoft Azure toolsets, Google Earth Engine, GlassTerra, ArcGIS and The Weather Company to streamline processes and data
Born within CSBP (Wesfarmers) in 2016, Decipher initially started as an AgTech solution used by over 6,500 agronomists and growers in over 60 countries
Encompasses 15 functionally rich modules including Earth Observations, InSAR, Landform & Erosion, Rehabilitation Planning, IoT & LiDAR, ML, Monitoring, Sampling and more
Strong in marketing, product development and technology integration, complementing K2fly's greatest strengths
Secure cloud platform, accessible from nearly any device, anywhere in the world and supported by a native mobile app offering offline data capture

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