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Doing our bit to drive transformational change




Year Program
Together, with 50 other leading mining companies, government and research partners, Decipher will be helping drive transformational change to enable regions and communities to transition to a prosperous and sustainable post mine future through the CRC-TiME.

Mine closure is an integral part of the mining industry affecting operations, suppliers, communities, ecosystems and governments, and transforming mining economies to enable Australian regions and their communities to build a successful post mine future is a growing challenge


Community Expectations
The social and economic landscape for mining is changing in line with community expectations
Post Mine Options
The vision of post mine options need improvement to secure a better future for investment in Australian jobs and resources, and create a genuine and enduring partnership between regional businesses, communities, governments and mining companies
Future of Mining
Addressing the broader community’s expectations of the mining sector will ensure the mining sector continues to contribute strongly to the national economy and Australian society


Addressing industry issues through a national partnership

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Industry collaboration
A 10-year, national and collaborative CRC for Transformations in Mining Economies (CRC-TiME) has been established to help the industry drive progressive rehabilitation, and enable effective closure and relinquishment of mine sites.
New Technology
CRC-TiME will provide all the stakeholders involved with the closure, relinquishment and creation of a post-mine regional future with new tools and technologies to make better decisions and lower residual risk into the future.
Proving solutions
The CRC will network a series of national demonstration sites to test solutions that are scalable and transferable and will implement shared data and systems integration policies to promote transparency across sites, companies, governments, researchers and the public.