Infoscope - Mining Software - Resource Governance & Technical Assurance - Enterprise SaaS
Acquired July 2017


A Land Management System

Infoscope is a cloud-based SaaS offering suitable for companies of all sizes. Infoscope is transforming the way resource and infrastructure land owners manage and govern their land assets. We enable this transformation by delivering spatial first visibility, speed and efficiency in understanding and decision making and collaboration for the users across the spectrum of Land Management.

Provides a single, spatially integrated data visualisation platform solution to manage information relating to land access and compliance
Manage access to land and assist with your social license to operate
Manage stakeholder, tenement, cultural heritage, native title and environmental management with a full life-cycle ground disturbance process
Ensure compliance through auto-triggered workflows, actions, watches and obligations management

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Our Infoscope solutions provide our customers with greater functionality in the one place to drive ESG outcomes.

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