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K2fly Mine Geology

A Data Management & Governance Solution

Streamline and automate dig block designs, spatial data, sampling and assay results with K2fly Mine Geology. Better understand material grade and behaviour while integrating with existing mine packages to deliver time, production and efficiency gains.

Data Governance

Manage any type of geological data including material and downhole logging, pit and duplicate samples, assays, standards, blast and grade block wireframes, regressions, and measure-while-drilling data. Our Mine Geology Data Management solution also integrates with existing mine packages to maximise efficiency and minimise disruption.

Built by Geologists for Geologists
Our geologist experts have over 30 years’ experience and have worked for the biggest mining companies in the world. We have built this experience and expertise in an easy-to-use cloud solution.
Free up Time & Resources
Improve the lead time for sampling so that your geology team can deliver better results and optimise spend. Teams no longer need to write custom scripts in mine packages which means greater reliability and accuracy in results as well as significant time savings.
Streamline for Production Teams
Streamline logging, sampling, lab results, quality checks and demarcation analysis in the one system so you can maximise ore recovery. This leads to more effective short-term planning, scheduling and improved consistency of ore feed to the processing plant.

Hear from our experts

What you need to know about mine geology data


Spatial Data

Manage all blast and grade block spatial data including wireframes and solids


Integrated QA/QC to ensure assays are reviewed and validated before they are transferred into the database

Centralise Data

Centralise all mine geology data across the organisation

Data Logging

Manage downhole logging and sample/assay data associated with blast holes

Blast & Down Hole

View blast and down hole data including strata logging, material logging or assays using an interactive 3D display

Mobile Support

Supporting mobile application for logging and sampling in the pit with offline capability that automatically syncs with database when connected


Supports single and multi-mine operations

Material Types

Track chemistry, physicals, and geological material types

Extend your capability

Our integrations with other K2fly solutions as well as 3rd party solutions means you have one source of truth and significant efficiency and output gains

The K2fly Platform

Regular updates
We are constantly adding new functionality to our solution which is passed on to your company to benefit
Cloud accessible
Securely access data from anywhere in the world, on nearly any device to reduce travel and in times like COVID
Third party integration
We integrate with your existing systems and APIs to eliminate business disruption and increase operational efficiency
Strong partnerships
We partner with industry leading organisations including SAP, ESRI and CrC-TIME to improve delivery and deliver best practice
Reporting friendly
Our solutions come built with reporting and dashboarding tools but also allow for third party reporting and data exports
User Management
Securely control access to employees, auditors and contractors so they can see the data and functionality they need