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K2fly Land Access

A Monitoring & Management Solution

Maintain your social license to operate by addressing the multifaceted challenges of land management, access agreements, conducting assessments and gaining approvals.

Visualise & Manage your Access Requirements

With K2fly Land Access, Tier 1 and 2 mining companies can rely on a single source of truth when managing land access requirements and create accountability by breaking down siloes.

Centralised Stakeholder Management
Identify and engage your key stakeholders in land access requirements using Spatial Intelligence which includes stakeholder assessments, interactions and grievances.
Obligation Workflows
Create integrated obligation management workflows that include responsible parties and due dates, enabling you to deliver on your agreements, access obligations and compliance targets.
Geospatial View
Visualise the information required to support land access across tenements, infrastructure, drilling, approvals, agreements, cultural heritage and stakeholders.


Simplify Reporting

Simplify company-wide reporting through in-built tools creating consistency and accuracy across all land operations.

Workflows & Approvals

Our Land Access solution allows you to create your own workflow for land access approvals through self-service mapping tools.

Stakeholders & Obligations

Identify, capture and manage individual and group stakeholder information and obligations.

Improve Relationships

Enhance performance against statutory obligations and improve relationships with regulators and government bodies.

Near Real-time Data

Access near real-time data pertaining to drilling, the environment, finances and public data sources including Property, Tenure, Native Title, Heritage and more.

Extend your capability with our integrated solutions

Our solutions work with one another as well as third party platforms

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The K2fly Platform

Regular updates
We are constantly adding new functionality to our solution which is passed on to your company to benefit
Cloud accessible
Securely access data from anywhere in the world, on nearly any device to reduce travel and in times like COVID
Third party integration
We integrate with your existing systems and APIs to eliminate business disruption and increase operational efficiency
Strong partnerships
We partner with industry leading organisations including SAP, ESRI and CrC-TIME to improve delivery and deliver best practice
Reporting friendly
Our solutions come built with reporting and dashboarding tools but also allow for third party reporting and data exports
User Management
Securely control access to employees, auditors and contractors so they can see the data and functionality they need