SAP - Mining Software - Technical Assurance, Resource & Mineral Governance - Enterprise SaaS


SAP is one of the world’s leading producers of software for the management of business processes, developing solutions that facilitate effective data processing and information flow across organisations. Following an extensive certification process, K2fly’s Natural Resource Governance solutions were certified as an SAP Endorsed App in November 2020.

Our Partnership with SAP helps to ease the process of integration across multiple SAP systems for our clients. This enables our clients to extend the value from our solutions and accelerate the deployment of our solutions across their organisations.

SAP Endorsed Apps are a new category of solutions from SAP’s partner ecosystem to help customers become best-run, intelligent enterprises. Endorsed apps complement and extend SAP products and are meant to deliver value with desired outcomes – quickly, easily, and with support from SAP. The solutions are tested and premium certified by SAP with added security, in-depth testing and measurements against benchmark results.