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Open Web API
This allows us to integrate with virtually any modern software. This can be hosted on premise, or anywhere in the cloud.
Laboratory Information Systems (LIMS)
We set up a JSON interface to import data from a laboratory into K2fly Model Manager
Google Earth Engine
At the heart of our solutions is Google Earth Engine, a world-class tool that uses satellite images, geospatial data and powerful global-scale processing to give you reliable in-depth vegetation analysis in seconds
Integrating with GlassTerra’s geo-Spatial IOT solutions that monitor, in real-time, the structural movements of mining earthworks for compliance and safety purposes (including rehabilitation, tailings dams, stockpile, excavation monitoring and more).
Maptek Vulcan
Integrating with our K2fly Mine Geology allows you to access live data between the databases.
Flexible Text File Import
Users can configure a file format import template in K2fly Model Manager so that any text file can be imported.
The Weather Company
Powered by The Weather Company, you can view current and forecast weather on your map to see how your location and plans may be affected. This includes windspeed, temperature, UV, clouds and precipitation.
Esri ArcGIS
ArcGIS is a geographic information system for working with maps and geographic information maintained by Esri. Gain greater insights by visualising and analysing your data.