Mining Reconciliation Software | Reporting & Governance | K2fly

K2fly Mine Reconciliation

Comparison & Valuation Solution

Easily capture spatial and temporal data from block models, mine production and process plant. Enhance operational performance by presenting comparisons and provide assurance on the accuracy of data.

Dashboards for dynamic analysis
Capture and track contributions
Periodic reporting functions
Centralised data store
Configurable checklists, schedules and workflows

Apply Governance to the Reconciliation Process

Reconciliation is a mandatory part of public disclosure for companies and if not done correctly, shareholders lose confidence that the company is maximising its resource assets. K2fly Mine Reconciliation captures the complex data through workflows, data quality is approved. Audit trails provide governance over the process and routine reporting is automated, simplifying the disclosure process.

Ensure Accountability & Transparency
Improve Stakeholder Trust & Confidence
Reduce Risk of Damages or Penalties


Pre-Defined Templates

Workflows are used to gather data in the systems pre-defined templates

Validation Rules

Input data with built in validation rules simplifying your data capture

Dynamic Dashboards

Dashboards enabling dynamic analysis and validation of results

Calendar Function

Calendar function available enabling you to track and trigger data capture events

System Integrations

3rd party system connections as required

Periodic Reporting Function

Preconfigured report templates for routine periodic reports