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K2fly Ore Blocker

An Automated Open Pit Ore Blocking Solution

Ensure a repeatable ore blocking process across your global teams with K2fly Ore Blocker. Deliver better results against mine plans by enabling unprecedented efficiencies and technical assurance.

Better Predictions & Results

Ore blocking can often be subjective with different geological approaches. Our solution allows you to configure constraints and parameters around the process so that results are objective, consistent and repeatable which gives you greater confidence in predicting the amount of high-grade ore.

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Reduce Dilution, Increase Profitability
Produce more high-grade ore by assessing different ore block out scenarios. Automate otherwise manual processes to increase ore recovery by as much as 5-10% which can represent tens of millions per mine in savings and increased revenues.
Faster Results & Decisions
Conduct and visualise multiple blasts and scenarios in 3D at any one time to quickly assess differences and make informed objective decisions in line with your mine plan faster than a geologist can block out a single blast. As a cloud solution, we support your terabytes of data and speed up the processing, in which desktop applications simply cannot match.
Integrations to Extend Capability
Use in conjunction with K2fly Model Manager and K2fly Mine Geology to further improve data governance, increase ore recovery, reduce dilution and standardise work practices through automation to reduce scenario analysis timeframes. Integrate with leading mine planning packages like Vulcan and Datamine.

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Our Chief Geoscientist Heath Arvidson and Chief Development Officer Mark Forster discuss the trends, challenges and technology associated with ore recovery and ore blocking


Tonnage Limits

Define maximum and minimum ore and waste block sizes.

Sub-divide Blasts

Automatically block-out based on configurable constraints, grade cut-offs, and material dilution rules.

Ore Block Outs

Calculates block-out for a blast or whole bench

Data Sources

Use blast hole assays or a block model as the data source

Rules & Direction

Configure product dilution rules and mining direction

Cut-off Grades

Set default and adjustable cut-off grades


Run multiple scenarios with different cut-off grades and different flitch configurations.