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Block Model Management & Governance

Trusted by Geoscience, Technical Planning and Business Process teams to better predict outcomes for mine planning scenarios with faster processing, accuracy and governance.

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Introduce speed and accuracy to mine planning with block models

Our machine learning utilises existing mine package information and data to constantly update processing performance back into block models. As a cloud solution, processing times are significantly reduced and built to support multiple terabytes of information meaning you get more accurate and up to date information to predict outcomes, faster.

Access up-to-date block model data

Utilise spectral and hyperspectral data, infrared and sensing of samples to gain unprecedented insights into rock texture and minerology and enhanced block models. Access existing files and share data with third party mine packages such as Vulcan and Datamine as well as reporting and BI tools.

Have confidence in your block model data

Maintain multiple versions of block models and hundreds of ore bodies with governance and version control to ensure numbers reported to the stock markets align with current data and figures.

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What you need to know about block model management and governance


Higher resolution

Build block models with smaller blocks to access higher resolution of the geology in the ground

Block outs

Block out blasts or whole benches at a time

Audit logs

Track versions and maintain a clear audit log from creation, check-ins and check-outs to deletions and recovery


Access automation and machine learning for improved accuracy

Remote access

Remote access to analytics database, removing the need to have the original block model file

Optimisation & ML

Continually reoptimize blast designs based on current data and machine learning

Accurate data

Update block models with information as it becomes available to maintain one version of truth

Query models

In-built query tool with the ability to query across multiple models

Fast processing

Speed up processing times with support for multiple terabytes of information

Recover data

Recovery capability for deleted models

Simplifying model management and governance

Create the format
Import your data
Share with existing tools

Link data sheets with block models

Use our Resource Inventory & Reconciliation solution with our Block Model Manager solution to link data sheets with block models to gain complete traceability and governance from the stock market reported figures right back to the original block model.

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The K2fly Platform

Regular updates
We are constantly adding new functionality to our solution which is passed on to your company to benefit
Cloud accessible
Securely access data from anywhere in the world, on nearly any device to reduce travel and in times like COVID
Third party integration
We integrate with your existing systems and APIs to eliminate business disruption and increase operational efficiency
Strong partnerships
We partner with industry leading organisations including SAP, ESRI and CrC-TIME to improve delivery and deliver best practice
Reporting friendly
Our solutions come built with reporting and dashboarding tools but also allow for third party reporting and data exports
User Management
Securely control access to employees, auditors and contractors so they can see the data and functionality they need
K2fly's solutions are trusted by the worlds biggest miners in over 54 countries
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