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Resource Governance software solutions trusted by the world's leading mining companies

Our software provides assurance that disclosures are tightly aligned with operational activities and that the process is sustainably embedded throughout the entire business.




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Solutions for net positive impact mine technical assurance improving operational efficiency maintaining your social license to operate simplifying mineral public reporting managing natural resources reducing ESG risks

Having a golden thread in place, linking public disclosures to operational activities, delivers confidence to companies in the transparency and accuracy of their disclosures – a key to building and maintaining shareholder and stakeholder trust.

Resource Governance safeguards a company’s reputation and those in or around its footprint.

Delivering ESG outcomes to the industry through a platform of resource governance software solutions

Our solutions weave together the significance and value in integrating location, people and processes, ensuring a company can be transparently compliant with industry regulations for all stakeholders across both natural and mineral resource governance.

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