Achievement Award
One K2fly Achievement Award
Has someone recently done something great? Something that aligns with our values? Something worth recognising?
Well now’s your chance to nominate them for an award!
Every quarter, we will be announcing a winner for the ‘One K2fly Achievement Award’ where the top nominee will win a prize and a certificate of recognition for the work they have been doing.
All you have to do is pick your nominee (one or many) and give a reason why you voted for them that aligns with our values (see below).
Now let’s get voting!
Our Values (A Quick Refresher)
Customer Focused (going above and beyond for a client)
Growth (sharing ideas & knowledge to improve our solutions)
Integrity (doing what we say we will do, making ethical choices)
Curiosity (creative and innovative to ensure success)
Collaboration (working together and taking responsibility)
Who are you nominating?
All responses are anonymous