Block modelling, governance and reporting

Thank you for your interest in our subject matter expert Heath Arvidson’s whitepaper on Block modelling, governance and reporting

The views expressed in this paper are the personal views of Heath Arvidson who is a mining and resource geologist with over 30 years’ multi-commodity mining, consulting and management experience in Australia and internationally. Mr Arvidson is a member (205224) of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy and has more than 5 years’ experience performing the duties of a Competent Person (CP) for public reporting of mineral resources according to the JORC Code. He is an employee and shareholder of K2fly Ltd, which markets the public mineral reporting software solution ‘RCubed’.

The intent of this paper is to offer some thoughts and experience that will hopefully lead to Strengthening governance and easing the burden of publicly reporting Mineral Resources and Reserves Changes.