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Automated Ore Blocking

Used by Geologists, Technical Services and Mine Managers to deliver better results against mine plans by enabling unprecedented efficiencies and technical assurance to increase the value of ore recovery.

Better predict amounts of high-grade ore and achieve better results

Ore blocking can often be subjective with different geological approaches. Our solution allows you to configure constraints and parameters around the process so that results are objective, consistent and repeatable which gives you greater confidence in predicting the amount of high-grade ore.

Reduce dilution, increase profitability
Be more selective in what you mine to produce more high-grade ore by assessing different flinch and over the bench heights to reduce dilution. Automate otherwise manual processes to increase ore recovery by as much as 5-10% which can represent tens of millions per mine in savings and increased revenues.
Faster results and decisions
Conduct and visualise multiple blasts and scenarios in 3D at any one time to quickly assess differences and make informed subjective decisions in line with your mine plan. As a cloud solution, we support your terabytes of data and speed up the processing which desktop applications simply cannot match.
Integrations to extend capability
Use in conjunction with our Block Model Management and Geology Data Management solutions to further increase ore recovery, reduce scenario analysis timeframes and increase excavator and truck utilisation. Integrate with leading mine planning packages like Vulcan and Datamine to sync ore and waste blocks with spatial data.

Hear from our experts

Our Chief Geoscientist Heath Arvidson and Chief Development Officer Mark Forster discuss the trends, challenges and technology associated with ore recovery and ore blocking


Ore block outs

Calculates block-out for a blast or whole bench

Single database

Store drillholes, wireframes and topography in one database

3D blocks

View 3D grade ore blocks to make more informed decisions

Sub-divide blasts

Automatically sub-divide blasts based on a series of configurable constraints and grades

Data sources

Select block models or blast hole assays as the data source

Rules & direction

Configure product dilution rules and mining direction

Cut-off grades

Set default and adjustable cut-off grades


Configurable mining grid sizes

Data points

Select the required number of data points per block for blast hole assays

Flitch heights

Set default or automated flitch heights

Tonnage limits

Outline maximum and minimum ore and waste block tonnages


Run multiple scenarios such as flitch mining bench in two or three passes

Extend your capability

Our integrations with other K2Fly solutions as well as 3rd party solutions means you have one source of truth and significant efficiency and output gains

K2Fly Solution Integrations
K2Fly Solution Integrations

Automated Ore Blocker integrates with our Block Model Management & Governance and Geology Data Management solutions to further increase ore recovery, reduce scenario analysis timeframes and increased excavator and truck utilisation.

Third Party Solutions
Third Party Solutions

Automated Ore Blocking can integrate with any modern mine planning system. For example, blast designs created in Vulcan, automatically creates the ore and waste blocks in our Automated Ore Blocker solution, and then saves the selected blocks, and all related spatial information, to both databases.

The K2fly Platform

Regular updates
We are constantly adding new functionality to our solution which is passed on to your company to benefit
Cloud accessible
Securely access data from anywhere in the world, on nearly any device to reduce travel and in times like COVID
Third party integration
We integrate with your existing systems and APIs to eliminate business disruption and increase operational efficiency
Strong partnerships
We partner with industry leading organisations including SAP, ESRI and CrC-TIME to improve delivery and deliver best practice
Reporting friendly
Our solutions come built with reporting and dashboarding tools but also allow for third party reporting and data exports
User Management
Securely control access to employees, auditors and contractors so they can see the data and functionality they need
K2fly's solutions are trusted by the worlds biggest miners in over 54 countries
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