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Case Study

Resource Inventory Customer

Delivering reporting and certification confidence and efficiency for a leading global producer or zinc and lead with resource and reserve information.




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Zn Production


Pb Production

The Challenge

  • Significant effort and coordination to pull together multiple sources of data in spreadsheets or aging systems
  • Tracking reviews, approvals, sign off, internal & external audits
  • Certifying and reporting mineral Resource and reserve information with confidence

Goals & Objectives

  • Improve management of reporting by obtaining increased operational efficiencies,
    and data quality improvements
  • Adopt a Mineral Inventory Governance and Reporting Process through introduction
    of a flexible, centralized database repository with standard:
  • Governance, Workflow Management/Notifications, External Reporting, Analytics, Security, Performance Monitoring and vendor adapted for on-going regulatory changes
  • Provide internal/external auditability of data sources, and changes to information
  • Diversify Risk by introducing Mineral Inventory Governance and Reporting System super users to avoid a singular person possessing sole knowledge of the entire reporting process.

Why K2fly

  • K2fly has the world’s only off-the-shelf Mineral Resource and Reserve governance and reporting solution available in the market
  • K2fly is rapidly becoming the global standard with a long list of Tier I & II global mining companies, and customers collaborating on best practices
  • Board and shareholders trust and confidence in critical governance process
  • On-going vendor expertise and R&D to support regulatory changes and build new functionality


Improved governance and compliance of reports
Fully auditable mineral inventory reporting system
Access to and management of a Competent/Qualified Person’s register
Efficiency gains through workflow and process authorisations
Streamlined annual reporting process, with efficient consolidation of data
Confidence in data accuracy through a single source of truth
Reconciliation reporting and validation