Case Study - Heritage Management and Communities - K2fly
Case Study

Heritage Management and Communities

How our K2fly heritage management solution improved team collaboration




Different teams



The Challenge

Operating extensively in Western Australia’s Pilbara region, a large miner had agreements in place with several different local communities.

Responsibility for managing local community relationships sat with the Heritage team. Other teams, including Exploration, Tenements Management and Land Access were also impacted by heritage requirements and agreements.

However, team activities were siloed, creating a lack of visibility. This made co-ordination and information sharing difficult, resulting in cross-team tension.

For example, the Exploration and Mining teams, motivated to quickly progress projects, were frustrated by opaque heritage requirements. And although the Exploration team often discovered new and useful information, it was difficult to share this with other teams.

Workflow was also an issue. The Heritage team relied on MS Outlook to track sensitive and important deadlines, an inefficient way to keep on top of compliance and obligations.

The Solution

K2fly’s Heritage solution initially focused on improving workflow for the Heritage team by creating a centralised repository of information, removing the reliance on excel spreadsheets and emails.

As the system was shareable, other teams like Exploration could have access, improving visibility and collaboration and creating a single source of truth for heritage information.

K2fly created further bespoke functionality to further improve the workflow. Access to the software solution was also extended to include the Tenements, Social Performance (Training & Employment) and Ground Disturbance Permits teams.


One centralised solution used across many teams
Shared information, improving cross-team collaboration and relationships
Increased corporate visibility of heritage activities
Less time spent on admin and more time nurturing relationships with the local communities