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Wesfarmers’ subsidiary Decipher licences Pointerra’s 3D data technology

Wesfarmers’ subsidiary Decipher licences Pointerra’s 3D data technology

Wesfarmers’ (ASX: WES) Decipher business will licence Pointerra’s (ASX: 3DP)3D data technology to provide unique insights to customers across agriculture, waste and mining sectors. According to Pointerra, the licencing agreement will generate revenue through its data as a service, and analytics as a service lines, and initially bring in US$5,000 per calendar month. Both companies anticipate the subscription level will grow over time as more data is added to the platform. Pointerra managing director Ian Olson said the company was working to boost the capabilities of Decipher’s existing “impressive” solution. Decipher provides software as a service solutions for mining rehabilitation, agricultural soil and land management, and waste landfill levy monitoring. The solutions comprise 3D visualisation and automated monitoring and it is expected Pointerra’s 3D geospatial technology will be integrated into Decipher’s DecipherAg, DecipherGreen and DecipherWaste products.

3D geospatial data technology

Pointerra’s technology enables 3D data to be accessed from a cloud platform on any device, at any place and at any time. It allows users to see, use and share massive 3D data in ways that weren’t previously possible. The technology includes automated indexing, compression and unification of 3D data for efficient storage, retrieval and analysis. 3D data can be read without decompression in a centralised, cloud-based repository. The data can also be searched, accessed and analysed at “unprecedented” scale and performance. “Pointerra’s 3D data technology continues to find new ways to support organisations to solve digital asset management problems across the globe,” Mr Olson said.

Global geospatial technology market

Pointerra estimates the global geospatial technology sector is worth about $500 billion. The company has a patent pending for its technology, which Pointerra claims does not compete with any other existing market participant. In its March quarterly, Pointerra noted cash receipts from customers grew 350% to $433,000 for the period, compared to the December 2018 quarter’s receipts of $125,000. To grow expand further, Pointerra has a number of proposals in front of customers across Australasian, North American and European markets. Pointerra’s shares had risen almost 16% to reach $0.044 by early afternoon trade.   About Pointerra:  Pointerra is an Australian company focussed on the development and commercialisation of its unique 3D geospatial data technology.  Pointerra’s technology has solved an entrenched problem in the 3D geospatial sector and allows very large 3D datasets to be viewed by users without the need for high performance computing.  The 3D datasets are processed and stored in the cloud for instant, on demand user access: anytime, anywhere, on any device.  Pointerra’s vision is to create a global marketplace for 3D data, saving users time and money and creating a 3D data access revolution. About Decipher:   Decipher is an Australia company focused on transforming the way in which growers and agriculture service providers manage nutrition and information about their land, and, it is focused on taking an integrated approach to mine rehabilitation, certification, relinquishment and compliance. Decipher’s vision is to accelerate the responsible, sustainable and productive management of the earth’s resources to meet the needs of a modern consumer. Cutting edge Software as a Solution (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions ensure remotely sensed and remotely captured data is validated, integrated and visualised to provide meaningful insights to customers     Written by Lorna Nicholas, published by Small Caps.   Find out how mine rehabilitation legislation in Australia is changing in our FREE guide.
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