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Our Solutions K2Fly’s technology solutions provide the reporting, governance and technical assurance that lies at the heart of sustainable mining operations and key value drivers. This could be in the reporting of mineral inventories or in gaining license to operate and maintaining social license to operate. To that extent we have shifted our approach from product to solutions-focused, using and adapting our technologies to meet needs right across the spectrum of reporting, governance, and technical assurance. New RCubed Mineral Inventory functionality We constantly seek and take advice from our customers on improvements to our solutions, as our most successful new product capabilities are those developed in close collaboration with the customers who will use the capabilities. As well as individual customer feedback, we also use forums such as our customer advisory panel, to help develop new broad-based reporting solutions. In developing new solution capability, we combine input from our customers with our own experience gained across multiple implementations within evolving industry and regulatory frameworks. As a result, all our customers benefit directly and indirectly from a collaborative approach. Some recent examples include:
  1. Dynamic footnoting in reporting solutions, which was driven by Rio Tinto’s requirements and quickly implemented into core functionality for all customers.
  2. Workflow enhancements to increase the breadth of processes that can be supported through automation, increasing quality and efficiency in areas such as the use of RCubed extended notifications.
  3. A new Reconciliation Module will be launched this year to compliment the resource and reserves process.
  4. A new Data Analytics and Reporting Module is a key product roadmap item currently being progressed. It adds RCubed interfaces to allow the use of industry standard Data Analytics and Reporting Tools used by customers (e.g. Tableau) for reporting via real time integration with data stored in RCubed. This will also result in higher levels of report configurability within RCubed, significantly reducing the time taken to produce new reports and dashboards.
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