Welcome to Decipher Insights: June 2019 - Mining Software - Technical Assurance, Resource & Mineral Governance - Enterprise SaaS
Welcome to Decipher Insights: June 2019

Welcome to Decipher Insights: June 2019

Welcome to our new monthly newsletter, Decipher Insights!

These updates will provide you with key insights into recent product and feature updates, customer experiences, the latest events, and access to free industry resources and special offers. 

We have had an extremely busy start to 2019 which has seen the launch of Marketplace, accessible within your solution to add on functionality and services; DecipherGreen, our mine rehabilitation and compliance tool; and our new multi-lingual website (Portuguese), designed to improve your experience with us and ensure accessing product information, support, release notes and more is easier than ever before. 

60 Countries: 9.7m ha!

Decipher is now in over 60 countries and is being used to manage over 9.7 million hectares of farmland – we can’t thank you enough for your feedback, stories and help to get us to where we are. We have a long way to go and are excited for you to join us on that journey!

In this edition of Decipher Insights:

  • Explore and learn about the newest features in DecipherAg
  • Watch and learn how others have been using DecipherAg in these quick videos
  • We are proud to be supporting and sponsoring the ‘AgTech: So What?’ podcast and encourage you to listen to the latest episodes
  • Get access to the latest industry resources and guides
  • Learn about how our new mine rehabilitation solution, DecipherGreen is taking lessons from agriculture  
  • Join us at our next event
  • Sign-up to our expert user group to have your say in what features we add next


Don’t miss out on the next ‘meet the team’ feature as well as free industry resources, guides and news!

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