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“Losses exceeding US$100 million and 60% chance of permanent shutdown of the mine”

There are various elements of risk present in a tailing’s life cycle across planning and design, construction, operation, monitoring, modification, decommissioning and aftercare. Tailings dam failures are often the result of multiple contributors but according to Accenture, 80% of these causes are controllable.

The Impact

Failure to properly manage this risk can result in:

  • A profound impact on your company’s bottom line
  • Severely eroding share value
  • Suspension of operations
  • Mine closure
  • Loss of life / fatalities
  • Community and environmental damage
  • Brand and reputational damage

According to the Australian Government, evidence from well-known Dams & Tailings failures shows that a “major failure can not only cause deaths but can result in a one-third loss of market capitalisation, clean-up costs and direct losses exceeding US$100 million and potential class action costs of up to twice that, with an average 60% chance of permanent shutdown of the mine.”

The Solution

K2fly is trusted by the worlds leading miners in 54 countries. Our Dams & Tailings solution is trusted by these companies and ICMM members to manage and reduce risk by:

Using a solution that is aligned with the Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management (GISTM)
Continuous remote surveillance of Dams & Tailings through mobile, Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled devices, connected sensors, satellite data and video feeds (drone or fixed points)
Receiving alerts when exceedances are detected
Visualising and analysing facilities with a ‘map-first’ approach to identify areas of concern so inspections can be prioritised and conducted
Underpinning the entire process and management with extensive governance
Providing you with a central dashboard to monitor key data and insights

To see how your can start minimising your risk and aligning with best practice and standards such as the GISTM, speak with one of our Dams & Tailings experts today for a free demonstration.

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K2fly’s Dams & Tailings solution is being used by 5 ICMM members and is either working with or in discussions with 80% of ICMM members

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Trusted by the worlds leading Mining companies in 54 countries