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A Guide to Reporting Mineral Resource Exclusive of Mineral Reserve

Written by Tim Rowland, Heath Arvidson, Mark Noppe, Mike Mattera, Ben Parsons, Vaughan Chamberlain and Rodrigo Marinho.

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With the introduction of CRIRSCO (2019) based mineral asset disclosure, Regulation S-K part 1300, 2019 (S-K1300) by the United States (US) Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), applicable to companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange from 2021, Mineral Resource is now required to be reported Exclusive of Mineral Reserve, referred to here as ‘Exclusive Mineral Resource’ (EMR). EMR is equivalent to reporting Mineral Resource additional to Mineral Reserve, which has been permitted in jurisdictions outside the US for many years. Despite this, there are no practical guidelines in the literature or relevant reporting codes and rules for Competent/Qualified Persons to refer to, which creates a risk that disclosure of EMR estimates across the industry will be inconsistent and potentially ambiguous for analysts, investors, potential investors, and other stakeholders.
Keywords: Exclusive Mineral Resource (EMR), Inclusive Mineral Resource (IMR), Reasonable Prospects for Eventual Economic Extraction (RPEEE), Competent Person