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Environmental, Social and Governance Considerations in Public Mineral Reporting

Written by Tim Rowland, Jane Joughlin, Fiona Cessford, Vaughan Chamberlain, Taryn Flitton, Heath Arvidson and Nic Pollock

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Environmental, social and governance issues (ESG) have become a defining feature in the marketplace to differentiate preferred investments. With the sustainability commitment and reporting landscape anticipated to evolve exponentially, it is now imperative to rapidly develop the approach taken by mineral companies to adequately identify and address ESG risks and opportunities in the reporting of Mineral Resource and Mineral Reserve (MRMR). MRMR cannot be effectively reported as technically and financially assured and realistically executable, if ESG is not integrated into the strategy, business model, input assumptions and process that defines and drives robust MRMR public reporting.
Keywords: Environment, Social, Governance, ESG, Sustainability reporting, Resources, Reserves, materiality, risk, reasonable prospects for economic extraction, competent person, subject matter expert