Dams & Tailings - 5 common challenges reported by our clients

5 common challenges shared by ICMM members for managing Dams & Tailings

The International Council on Mining and Metals is an international organisation dedicated to a safe, fair and sustainable mining and metals industry. The ICMM brings together 28 of the largest mining and metals companies with the goal of strengthening environmental and social performance to enhance mining’s contribution to society. Companies often look to the ICMM and it’s members for guidance on best practice and compliance.

K2fly has assisted numerous ICMM members through it’s cloud platform address the challenges around reducing risks, enhancing compliance and improving safety when it comes to managing Dams and Tailings. Below, we look at 5 common challenges that we have uncovered through our dealings with these companies and others in the 54 countries where our solutions are used.

5 common challenges

Globally accessible to the right people
Ability to import existing data so that it's usable and viewable
Centralising data from various sources and monitoring points
Complete governance with auditability and change tracking
Alignment with the Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management (GISTM)

How we have helped

K2fly is trusted by the worlds leading miners in 54 countries. Our Dams & Tailings solution is trusted by these companies and ICMM members to manage and reduce risk by:

Using a solution that is aligned with the Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management (GISTM)
Continuous remote surveillance of Dams & Tailings through mobile, Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled devices, connected sensors, satellite data and video feeds (drone or fixed points)
Receiving alerts when exceedances are detected
Visualising and analysing facilities with a ‘map-first’ approach to identify areas of concern so inspections can be prioritised and conducted
Underpinning the entire process and management with extensive governance
Providing you with a central dashboard to monitor key data and insights

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