Resource Inventory

Leading global producer and marketer of Zinc and Lead.

2019 Summary Stats
$1.8bn adjusted EBITDA
1, 078kt Zn production
280kt Pb production
4.2Mt Zn & Pb conc. sold
56 Operations globally

Challenges faced by Mineral Companies Listed on Major Exchanges

  • Significant effort and coordination to pull together multiple sources of data in spreadsheets or aging systems
  • Tracking reviews, approvals, sign off, internal & external audits
  • Certifying and reporting mineral Resource and reserve information with confidence

Zinc Project Goals and Objectives

  • Improve management of reporting by obtaining increased operational efficiencies,
    and data quality improvements
  • Adopt a Mineral Inventory Governance and Reporting Process through introduction
    of a flexible, centralized database repository with standard:
  • Governance, Workflow Management/Notifications, External Reporting, Analytics, Security, Performance Monitoring and vendor adapted for on-going regulatory changes
  • Provide internal/external auditability of data sources, and changes to information
  • Diversify Risk by introducing Mineral Inventory Governance and Reporting System super users to avoid a singular person possessing sole knowledge of the entire reporting process.

Why K2fly’s Mineral Inventory Governance and Reporting Solution?

  • K2fly has the world’s only off-the-shelf Mineral Resource and Reserve governance and reporting solution available in the market
  • K2fly is rapidly becoming the global standard with a long list of Tier I & II global mining companies, and customers collaborating on best practices
  • Board and shareholders trust and confidence in critical governance process
  • On-going vendor expertise and R&D to support regulatory changes and build new functionality
  • Improved governance and compliance of reports
  • Fully auditable mineral inventory reporting system
  • Competent/Qualified Person’s Register
  • Workflow enabled processes with authorizations
  • Streamlined annual reporting process, with efficient consolidation of data
  • RCubed provides a single version of truth
  • Reconciliation reporting and validation

Latest Updates

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IMARC 2020 – Sustainability, Transparency & Governance

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K2fly SAP Endorsed Apps Certification

K2fly achieves SAP endorsed Apps Certification milestone after rigorous testing K2fly became one of only 12 companies across the globe to achieve SAP certification, and the only app solution in the Mining Industry Business Unit. The SAP partners solutions are tested and premium certified by SAP with added security, in-depth testing, and measurements against benchmark...

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K2fly buys Decipher to extend its tailings and rehabilitation software suite

Mining software company K2fly is again expanding its suite of governance and technical assurance solutions that are in high demand with its global client base, following the announcement of its purchase of Decipher mining. Decipher will bring additional depth to K2fly’s growing suite in tailings and rehabilitation and extends K2fly’s technical assurance and governance footprint...