See what's new in Decipher (August 2020) - Mining Software - Technical Assurance, Resource & Mineral Governance - Enterprise SaaS
See what’s new in Decipher (August 2020)

See what’s new in Decipher (August 2020)

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See what’s new in Decipher (August, 2020)
  • Responsibilities feature
  • Recommendations feature
  • Monitoring feature enhancements
  • Area security
  • Role templates
  • Linking Source Documents to Obligations and Actions

Decipher Web app updates

1. Responsibilities feature

We’re currently developing a new Responsibilities feature which will allow system administrators to create a responsibility type role within Decipher and link the responsibility to an existing Project, assign users to this responsibility, attach documents/URL’s, assign to a mining or operation phase, and assign actions to notify the person responsible of any pending actions.

The mining or operation phases are based on the Mining Association Canada (MAC) for a Tailings Storage Facility:

  • Project Conception and planning

  • Design

  • Initial Construction

  • Operations and Ongoing Construction

  • Change in life of mine or closure plan

  • Temporary or Permanent Closure

  • Post-Closure

Key examples of Responsibilities (roles) that customers can add in to Decipher:

  • Dam Owner

  • Risk Owner

  • Responsible Dam Engineer

  • Asset based Tailings Personnel Member

  • Engineer of Record (EOR)

  • Deputy Engineer of Record (DEOR)

  • Designer of Record (DOR)

  • Independent Tailings Review Board (ITRB) Member

  • Independent Senior Technical Reviewer

  • Accountable Executive

  • Responsible Tailings Facility Engineer (RTFE)

Decipher - User Management

2. Recommendations feature

We’re currently developing a new Recommendations feature which will enable users to enter in a Recommendation, response, person, date and select a type (source document or obligations). This feature will assist mining operators who are working with auditors or who have formed independent tailings review boards (ITRBs) following the launch of the recent Global Standard on Tailings Management. Armed with this feature, auditors will be able to provide recommendations to help achieve compliance or the Standard. Decipher - Recommendations

3. Monitoring module enhancements 

We’ve made some improvements to the monitoring feature including:

  • Enabling System Admins to set up monitoring programs and associate a colour to each program so that users can visually identify which program is showing on the map

  • Ability to manage standards, allowing users to control what is considered an exceedance

  • Removing the ability for users to change the unit of measure on a parameter
Decipher - Tailings Storage Facilities - Mine Closure Rehabilitation - Monitoring LEARN MORE ABOUT THE MONITORING MODULE  

4. Area Security

We have created the ability for System Administrators to lock down areas within the platform by role or user type so that team members can only see information and data related to the site or area they work at. To make this process easier, we have created the ability for System Administrators to create a role template form (see #2).

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5. Roles template

We created the ability for System Administrators to create a roles template to apply to multiple users, and or roles.  Admins can view the templates in a register view, add, create and edit new templates and apply this template to multiple roles or users

rehabilitation compliance software mine rehabilitation software environmental obligations software land rehabilitation software environmental management software environmental data management software environmental monitoring software environmental compliance software - DecipherGreen

6. Linking Source Documents to Obligations and Actions

Decipher - Recommendations on Obligations We have created the ability for users to:
  • Link an existing obligation to a source document

  • Link an existing action directly to a source document

  • Display linked actions

  • Import obligations directly from a source document

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