K2fly to acquire Decipher's mining solutions business - Mining Software - Technical Assurance, Resource & Mineral Governance - Enterprise SaaS
K2fly to acquire Decipher’s mining solutions business

K2fly to acquire Decipher’s mining solutions business


  • WesCEF’s Decipher Mining Solutions business has been sold to K2Fly; this sale does not affect DecipherAg, which continues to be owned by CSBP Fertilisers
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  Earlier this week, we were pleased to announce that Mining software-as-a-service provider, K2fly has purchased our Decipher Mining Solutions business. Born within the Industrial’s Divison of Wesfarmers four years ago, Decipher developed several cloud-based software solutions for the mining and resources (Decipher Mining Solutions) and agriculture (DecipherAg) industries. The sale of Decipher Mining Solution does not affect DecipherAg, which continues to be owned by CSBP Fertilisers, and all products and services to growers and agronomists remains unchanged. The relationship with K2fly was established a year ago after forming an alliance to combine our complementary technology strengths and build an integrated monitoring and governance platform for tailings storage facilities. Nic Pollock, K2fly’s Chief Commerical Officer said:
“We have been partnered with Decipher for nearly a year now and we have found many synergies in our joint offering, go to market capabilities, and operational models that the acquisition was a logical combination. We are both lean startup companies and there is virtually no duplication and many upsides to the deal. We are pleased that Anthony Walker, the Decipher CEO, will be joining K2fly in a senior executive position as well as the core Decipher team.”
The Decipher team are looking forward to joining forces with the K2fly team, and working closely with new and existing clients to improve the monitoring and compliance outcomes for the mining industry. Adding to this, Anthony Walker, Decipher CEO said:
“We have formed a very close working relationship with the K2fly team, and we all share a passion for delivering better ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) monitoring and compliance outcomes to the mining industry and the communities in which they operate. This transaction will dramatically increase our pace of delivery on these aspirations.”
In 2020, K2fly launched a suite of solution offerings to its predominantly mining customers globally and this acquisition adds solution breadth and customers specifically to their tailings monitoring and rehabilitation solutions as well as underlying platform capability and scalability.

About K2fly

K2fly Ltd (K2F) is an ASX listed technology company providing enterprise-level technical assurance and reporting solutions across all aspects of the Environmental, Social and Governance functions. Servicing the mining, oil & gas, utilities and agriculture sectors, K2fly delivers a suite of solutions in governance and compliance, stakeholder engagement and permits and obligations services for clients covering:
  • Land Access
  • Community and Heritage
  • Rehab
  • Dams & Tailings
  • Resources Inventory and Mine Geology Systems
  • Ground Disturbance
Underpinning K2fly’s Software as a Service (SaaS) offering are its proprietary technologies: RCubed, Infoscope and the SATEVA Suite. K2fly has strategic alliances with the global technology companies such as Esri (USA), SAP (Germany) and ABB (Switzerland). In addition, K2fly provides cutting edge business consultancy services with subject matter experts across Rail, Electricity, Gas, Water, Mining, Oil & Gas, and Facilities Management.

Effectively monitor your tailings storage facility with Decipher

Tailings Storage Facilities - TSF - Mining - Decipher - DecipherGreen - Tailings management - tailings dam monitoring - tailings storage facility software - environmental obligations software

Decipher’s Tailings solution is designed to provide you with key data and insights, enabling you to effectively monitor your TSF and your environmental obligations and compliance. Our solution can be securely accessed by industry, regulators, designers and operators involved in the management of TSFs. Decipher offers a comprehensive and functionally rich solution which combines regulatory (Compliance Management Software), mining waste management, stakeholder engagement, environmental monitoring, and environmental management system (EMS) tools to assist with tailings management:
  • View real-time data and receive exceedance alerts
  • Monitor land movement with remote sensing and InSAR datasets
  • Visualise real-time LiDAR data with insights into dam movement
  • Securely store and access all of your tailings data in the one place
  • Upload and reference key documentation
  • Visualise facilities across multiple sites in a single screen on a geospatial map
  • Monitor your facilities with InSAR, LiDAR, DEM and more
  • Capture a wide range of monitoring data and indicators su ch as surface and groundwater, decant pond water levels and quality, and embankment conditions
  • Capture and track obligations and conditions around your licence to operate to manage your key risks and actions
  • Action and task delegation for data collection with reminders
  • Maintain and track environmental monitoring compliance limits and exceedances
  • Manage and engage with all of your stakeholders with one central repository
  • Convert your engagements into actionable outcomes
  • Forecast, plan and track your sites activities using IBM’s Weather data
  • Create corporate report templates and meet requests for data provision from industry groups such as ICMM, Global Tailings Portal, PRI and UNEP
  • Integration capability with third party systems or public portals such as the Global Tailings Portal


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