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Improving your environmental monitoring program

Improving your environmental monitoring program

Increasingly, mining companies are coming to realise that better monitoring of the environment in which they are operating can have a significant, positive impact on the bottom line. By truly understanding what is happening across a facility, more informed decisions can be made about its operation.
Environmental Monitoring

Why is environmental monitoring important for the mining industry?

Environmental monitoring is critical in understanding environmental health, efficiencies, constraints and upholding compliance, and when done well, can also have a positive impact on the bottom line of an operation. Monitoring involves the process of sampling and analysis of various environmental indicators and contaminants over time to understand and minimise the environmental footprint of large scale projects on the natural environment. Often these datasets are large, complex, stored in a number of different locations, and details can be lost with staff turnover.

Planning, operating and decommissioning mine sites require detailed long-term environmental monitoring and evaluation. Generally a new mine will not be approved without a detailed environmental monitoring plan, which would be approved by government authorities with an overall objective being that the environment is not changed in any way as a result of mining operations.  
Drive an effective environmental monitoring program with Decipher
As mines operate for several years, there is a need to monitor the different stages. Before operations commence, there is a need to monitor environmental parameters to determine a baseline for the local environment. Once the mine begins operating, there will be environmental parameter limits which must not be exceeded during the operations. These parameters need to be monitored and recorded. Finally, when the mining operations have ceased, there is a need to rehabilitate the mine and restore the site to it’s original condition.  
Watch this video to find out some best practice mine rehabilitation methods

[embedyt][/embedyt]   Decipher’s Environmental Monitoring module enables you to drive an effective environmental program across the entire mining lifecycle, providing you with a robust, structured and configurable means to manage environmental monitoring programs across a wide range of aspects including surface water, groundwater, soil, dust, noise, vibration, blasts, vegetation and more. You can also tailor the system to your project-specific data requirements by capturing a range of physical, chemical, biological and custom monitoring variables or parameters, and then use this information and the insights to help drive sampling strategies. Key features:

  • Create any number of points, parameters and compliance limits and group them to form monitoring programs such as soil, dust, water, vegetation, erosion, vibration, weather and more
  • Plot monitoring data on the map by program, parameter, points, date range and soil depths. Armed with this data, you can then easily visualise the results with traffic light colouring to indicate values and drill down into points by extracting historical data, such as charts and tables
  • Easily build any number of compliance limits and standards into the monitoring tool and plot them in charts and tables to flag exceedances. Exceedances in limits can also be plotted by points and parameters on the map
  • Seamlessly integrate with any external or internal laboratory for automatic result validation and import with live alerts of exceedances
  • Create a schedule of sample jobs with predefined sample due dates and sample types with the ability to incorporate a second layer of approval and escalation of overdue samples, all with associated and automatic notifications
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Learn more button   Combined with Decipher’s Earth Observations module, you can utilise satellite derived earth observation data and analysis to improve and add another dimension to your environmental monitoring program. Armed with Decipher’s advanced indicies such as NDVI, NDRE, MSAVI, and NDWI you can easily track vegetation health and performance, identify areas of concern, create management zones to highlight low and high performing areas, and delegate tasks to action and manage the trends occuring within the Earth Observations module.
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Rehabilitation & Closure management

Decisions about mine closure in Australia have tended to have little consideration of how the land might be used post-mining. However, this is beginning to change, particularly with increased stakeholder pressure, environmental concerns and climate change discussions, and regulatory changes. Armed with Decipher’s Rehabilitation & Closure solution, including GIS, remote sensing, monitoring and management tools means you can easily capture and analyse a wide range of environmental monitoring data, manage risks and issues around put backfilling, rapid flooding, slope instability and acid generation, and ensure you’re meeting your environmental obligations and compliance with alerts and notifications of exceedances.

Watch this video to find out how to drive progressive rehabilitation and closure


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Tailings management

With an estimated 3,500 active tailings storage facilities (TSFs) across the globe covering approximately one million hectares of land, and an increasing number of failures occurring and being recorded, it’s clear that a fresh look at the reporting and monitoring of these facilities is needed. Armed with Decipher’s Tailings Solution, including GIS, remote sensing, monitoring and management tools you’ll have access to a range of tools that enable you to effectively monitor and manage your TSF, and your environmental obligations and compliance.Our solution can be securely accessed by industry, regulators, designers and operators involved in the management of TSFs.

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