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How mining companies are managing obligations

How mining companies are managing obligations

Mining has a direct and unavoidable impact on the physical environment. If conducted in accordance with best practice and well regulated, the impact of mining can be mitigated and the risks minimised. Poorly conducted and regulated mining, however can have serious long term consequences. Companies must apply for permission to mine resources. When applications are approved, the authorities usually set a range of conditions that must be met in order to deal with the impacts presented by the proposed mine and associated activities. In general they seek to ensure:
  • the State receives appropriate financial returns through royalties and rents
  • wider economic benefits accrue through the use of local companies and labour
  • environmental impact from mining is minimised – if there is environmental impact that cannot be mitigated, there is an offsetting return to the State
  • Aboriginal heritage is preserved
  • the State is protected from the risk of long term liability when a mine closes through effective rehabilitation and financial arrangements

Ensuring compliance 

Projects that directly impact the environment and community are often accompanied by a large volume of prescriptive conditions and actions that must be complied with in order to commence and continue a project such as permits, approvals, licences, Ministerial Conditions and mineral titles and so on.
Watch this video to hear about some of the challenges facing rehabilitation and closure

[embedyt][/embedyt] Decipher’s Obligations module provides a central, online platform designed to capture important obligation information, enabling you to identify, address and manage key deliverables. To ensure obligation deliverables and deadlines are met, you can establish a set of actions and accountabilities. Key features:

  • Maintain a central library of all prescribed conditions and capture important information such as compliance status, category and risk across all projects
  • Plot obligation points, lines and polygons on an interactive map and filter by category, compliance status, risk and date range across projects
  • Assign obligation related actions to accountable team members with the ability to incorporate a second layer of approval and escalation of overdue actions, all with associated and automatic notifications
  • Import conditions in bulk from Excel using the Decipher import tool. Export obligations registers to excel
  • Deciphers API driven design allows users to exchange obligations information to & from external data sources & systems such as state regulatory databases, action management & safety systems and more
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Rehabilitation & Closure management

Decisions about mine closure in Australia have tended to have little consideration of how the land might be used post-mining. However, this is beginning to change, particularly with increased stakeholder pressure, environmental concerns and climate change discussions, and regulatory changes. Armed with Decipher’s Rehabilitation & Closure solution, including GIS, remote sensing, monitoring and management tools means you can easily capture and analyse a wide range of environmental monitoring data, manage risks and issues around put backfilling, rapid flooding, slope instability and acid generation, and ensure you’re meeting your environmental obligations and compliance with alerts and notifications of exceedances.

Watch this video to find out how to drive progressive rehabilitation and closure


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Tailings management

With an estimated 3,500 active tailings storage facilities (TSFs) across the globe covering approximately one million hectares of land, and an increasing number of failures occurring and being recorded, it’s clear that a fresh look at the reporting and monitoring of these facilities is needed. Armed with Decipher’s Tailings Solution, including GIS, remote sensing, monitoring and management tools you’ll have access to a range of tools that enable you to effectively monitor and manage your TSF, and your environmental obligations and compliance.Our solution can be securely accessed by industry, regulators, designers and operators involved in the management of TSFs.

Watch this video to find out how you can take a macro and micro approach to your tailings monitoring

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