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What is mine closure planning?

What is mine closure planning?

Mine closure planning involves planning effectively for the after-mining landscape – all activities required before, during, and after the operating life of a mine that are needed to produce an acceptable landscape economically. Closure performance refers to the activities near and after mine closure and how well activities listed in the closure plan are carried out.
A mine begins to close the day it opens.
Decisions made during the mine planning and development phase – and even earlier, during the exploration phase – have profound effects on the ultimate closure plan, its cost, and the resulting landscape performance. These decisions need to be made within a framework of closure planning to realize successful mine and land rehabilitation.
Mine closure planning is a continuous process, and mine closure plans should be treated as living documents undergoing constant review, development and improvement across the lifecycle of a mine.
The illustration below captures the types of activity required to occur across exploration, development, production and closure.

Source: Decipher

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What is the government's involvement in mine rehabilitation?

The Australian Government is placing an increased focus and commitment to ensuring major mining projects use best practice rehabilitation so that the land can be re-purposed once mining operations cease. The Government acknowledges that aspects of the current regulatory framework for mine rehabilitation do not meet best practice. Reforms are now underway at a state level.

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