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What are the mining rehabilitation reforms in QLD?

On the 14 November 2018, the Queensland Parliament saw the passing of the Mineral and Energy Resources (Financial Provisioning) (MERFP) Act 2018.

This reform package is aimed at improving rehabilitation (rehab) and financial assurance outcomes for the sector that aims to deliver:

  • Improved environmental performance
  • Rehabilitation investment in the Queensland resources industry
  • Better protection of the State’s financial interests

The MERFP includes provisions that will commence on the 1st April 2019, which according to the Queensland Government will:

  • Replace the financial assurance arrangements for resource activities under the Environmental Protection Act 1994 with a new financial provisioning scheme, and change how the estimated rehabilitation cost for an environmental authority is calculated
  • Amend the Environmental Protection Act 1994 to introduce new requirements for the progressive rehabilitation and closure of mined land

Learn more about QLD’s new progressive rehabilitaton legislation here. 


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What are the mining rehabilitation reforms in NSW?

Several reforms were proposed in February 2018, including: A policy framework to assess final mining voids, where voids will not be considered in new major projects unless it minimises environmental, community and visual impacts and cannot be feasibly removed Requirements for new major projects to consult with the community and provide information on mine design options early in the planning process

What are the mining rehabilitation reforms in VIC?

A new bill was introduced in August 2018 to establish a new authority to manage mine closure and rehabilitation across Victoria. These recommendations included: Marking out the rehabilitation, closure and post-closure requirements for certain mines Establishing clear responsibility for the post-closure management of rehabilitated mine land Establishing a Mine Land Rehabilitation Authority to oversee mine rehabilitation and post-closure management

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