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What are some of the challenges facing mine rehabilitation?

What are some of the challenges facing mine rehabilitation?

What are the challenges involved in land rehabilitation and mine closure?

There are a number of key challenges associated with mine closure including:

  • Regulations, closure requirements and community expectations changing over the life of a mine, requiring the mine closure plan to be updated to reflect the changes Management may change several times during the lifecycle of a mine which makes it difficult to achieve continuity across the various senior site management roles and accountabilities with respect to mine closure
  • Handling the sheer quantity of data including compliance, exceedances, environmental monitoring, historical data and actions, which can sometimes get lost with staff turnover
  • If a site is not planned, designed and mined for closure right from the start, this can present a number of financial challenges due to inadequate funding. At the later stages of a mine, there is also an increasing inability to fund the cash flow required to close a facility adequately which could in turn lead to a ‘compliance-only’ mindset and limited consideration of what can be done to promote lasting post-closure social and environmental benefits
  • Mines now need to look to community ownership of the post-closure goals as it is the communities that will be left with the post-closure initiatives when the mine no longer exists. To achieve this, communities must become actively involved in the closure planning, verification of solutions and implementation

In this video, Decipher CEO Anthony Walker discusses some of the key challenges facing mine rehabilitation and closure, and provides advice on how mining companies can use technology to solve those issues.


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