See what's new in Decipher 3.4 (December 2018) - Mining Software - Technical Assurance, Resource & Mineral Governance - Enterprise SaaS
See what’s new in Decipher 3.4 (December 2018)

See what’s new in Decipher 3.4 (December 2018)

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What’s New?

Increased functionality for our free users: 
  • 10M biomass imagery
  • Seasonal and peak biomass imagery
  • Biomass comparison by location
  • Farm map upload and maintenance
  • Biomass image clipping
  • Export colour imagery
  • Plan and assign sample jobs
Single Scene Biomass Imagery Users can select a farm or paddock and view a single biomass image for that specific area, users will have access to;
  • Export biomass from the map
  • Generate zones from the map
  • View and select individual biomass images
  • Global image clipping will be set as the default option
Management Zones Users will have the ability to create and maintain/manage Zones, and export this data as an image, or raw data to input data in to a tractor. Users will have access to;
  • Create a zone map from the biomass panel
  • Create a zone map from the zone panel
  • Create a prescription file from a zone map (for PLUS users only)
  • View a prescription file from Mydata – if the user clicks on this option from the Zones panel, then it will take the user to a filter list of files within Mydata (PLUS users only)
  • View and edit zones as a map layer
  • Manage existing prescription files (PLUS users only)
Soil Sampling Some of our farmers outsource their soil collection and sampling activity to third party contractors so we have made a number of enhancement to support this process:
  • Add message/notes field to the job assignment page – available to all samplers; communicated via email/DecipherGo
  • MapIQ and Precision SoilTech will have access to CSV/XML formatted test requests (for sampling by CSBP and Third Party Lab)
  • Third party contractors will receive additional information when Third Party Labs selected
Third Party Labs Decipher users that do not have CSBP as their pro partner can now select a laboratory other than CSBP for the analysis of soil and plant samples. Users will be able to;
  • Choose to use either their own lab or CSBP
  • When using their own lab they’ll specify the laboratory contact, delivery and billing details at time of job creation.
  • Specify top and sub soil testing instructions + notes via free text fields
  • Plan sites/samples using similar functionality as currently available when planning CSBP jobs
  • DecipherGO enhancement to cater for Third Party lab submission
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