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New Hope still in limbo over New Acland expansion

New Hope still in limbo over New Acland expansion

New Hope Group is yet to receive the Queensland Government’s approval for the New Acland stage three (NAC03) mining project after it was forced to cut jobs at the site. The company axed about 150 jobs at the end of October last year, followed by a restructure to operations in November. After the restructure, most activities at the Darling Downs, Queensland site have been reduced to during the day shift, with mining truck fleet numbers reduced and coal processing operations diminished from a two module plant operation to just one.
“As a result of the lack of action from the Queensland Government in relation to progressing approvals for NAC03, approximately 150 full time roles had to be cut from the New Acland mine,” New Hope stated in a media release. “During the ramp down, the primary focus was on maintaining safe operations and supporting those valued employees who had lost their jobs.”
While the struggle at the New Acland mine continues, New Hope has experienced a small boost from production at the Bengalla mine in New South Wales. New Hope produced 5.4 million tonnes at Bengalla during the last six months of 2019, compared with 4.5 million tonnes during the prior corresponding period. The company also drilled 6046 metres at the Bengalla lease and Bee Creek exploration tenement in Queensland’s Bowen Basin, focussing on collecting pre-production and gas content information prior to mining. It was the end of an era for New Hope’s Jeebropilly coal mine in South East Queensland’s Moreton Basin. After 38 years of operation, the mine headed to a closure in December last year. Following New Hope’s Fit for Change program, the team at Jeebropilly achieved good safety and production performance during its last quarter of operations, and employees “generated a positive outlook despite the closure of the mine.” New Hope is now focussed on the environmental restoration of Jeebropilly as it continues rehabilitation activities at Oakleigh East and starts the re-establishment of the Normanton Pit.
Originally published by Australian Mining.

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What is mine rehabilitation?

According to the Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources, mine rehab (rehabilitation) is “the process used to repair the impacts of mining on the environment. Mine rehabilitation can also be referred to as coal mine rehabilitation, land rehabilitation, mine site rehabilitation or mine site restoration. The long-term objectives of rehabilitation can vary from simply converting an area to a safe and stable condition, to restoring the pre-mining conditions as closely as possible to support the future sustainability of the site”.

What are the different types of mine rehabilitation practices?

There are several types of mine rehabilitation practices including: - Hydrogeology - Flooding - Soil and capping material assessment - Water characterisation - Landform and cover design - Water management - Revegetation - Tailings storage facilities

Is my Progressive Rehabilitation and Closure Plan (PRCP) compliant?

Organisations carrying out mining activities in Queensland (QLD) are legally obligated to rehabilitate the land. A progressive rehabilitation and closure plan (PRC plan) is a critical element of the QLD Government’s Mined Land Rehabilitation Policy. When submitting a site-specific application for an Environmental Authority (EA) for a new mining activity relating to a mining lease, applicants are required to develop and submit a proposed PRC plan as part of their application. Download your free guide below to find out:

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