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IBM’s The Weather Channel launches coronavirus map

New COVID-19 cases can be tracked through a free online dashboard and app from The Weather Channel. New tools for tracking the coronavirus are available from IBM through a new online dashboard and The Weather Channel app. Reported COVID-19 cases appear on a map so that individuals and businesses can see the spread of the virus near them. The free tools run on the IBM public cloud and use IBM Watson to analyze data from the World Health Organization as well as national, state and local governments. The idea is that this data will be more localized than some other resources available, since it can narrow it down to the county level within the US when that information is available.
“As the coronavirus causes uncertainty in our daily lives, we are all looking for data to help us make more informed decisions and check on our family and friends in different areas. With that in mind, we feel it’s critical to provide the most trusted information currently available to help people stay informed on the reach of COVID-19,”
said Cameron Clayton, general manager of IBM’s The Weather Company, in a press release.
“The Weather Channel is now providing COVID-19 data – so you can see why social distancing matters in your community and why it’s important to heed instructions from your local, state and national resources.”
The tools include an AI-enhanced interactive Incidents Map of COVID-19 data and stats, which includes confirmed cases in the US, narrowed down by US state and county. There’s also a trend graph for each US state for recent statistics and historical data. Trend visualization, interactive mapping, news and additional information is also available for the US, and will eventually be available globally on the app and online dashboard.
IBM launched a free interactive dashboard driven by IBM Watson and built on IBM Cognos Analytics to help data scientists, researchers, media organizations and others analyze and filter COVID-19 data down to the county level.
Image: IBM
The tools also include news, videos and public health information, patient education materials and where people can find healthcare clinics for medical help.

Interactive dashboard to track coronavirus data and cases

There is also an interactive dashboard available that is driven by IBM Watson and built on IBM Cognos Analytics. It is designed to help data scientists, researchers and media organizations conduct a deeper analysis and filtering of regional data. Some of the available global data includes confirmed cases, recoveries where available and more, and users can drill down to the country, region, state and county level as needed to get further insights. The idea is that this aggregated data could potentially help others collect insights and show how cases are trending over time. Originally published by Tech Republic.

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