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How to drive progressive mine rehabilitation with DecipherGreen

Until recently, mine rehab (rehabilitation) has been an afterthought for the majority of mining companies. DecipherGreen enables companies to be forward thinking and progressive by providing them with the tools to:

  • Monitor vegetation health and performance through satellite indices such as Biomass (NDVI) and Red Edge (NDRE)
  • Track and manage remote offset properties and compare vegetation performance against other domains
  • Create management zones across project areas
  • Create nutrition plans, application and requirements for rehabilitation domains
  • Create and manage project boundaries, areas and/or domains and monitoring points
  • Capture a wide range of environmental monitoring data and indicators such as water, air, noise, vibration and soil
  • Analyse real-time environmental monitoring data in conjunction with satellite indices
  • Maintain and track environmental monitoring compliance limits and any exceedances
  • Add notes and annotations to the map to make data more meaningful

Supportive services

Take an integrated approach to mine rehabilitation, certification and compliance thanks to the centralisation of data and information in DecipherGreen. Our team is on hand to provide you with the knowledge and service to help expedite your rehabilitation program through data driven insights, best practice and recommendations all of which can be tracked and monitored through our platform.

Services we can assist with for your mine rehabilitation and closure planning:

  • Strategic advice on rehabilitation plans
  • Review of existing rehabilitation plans
  • Development of progressive rehabilitation and closure plans
  • Baseline assessments
  • Implementation and management of long-term monitoring
  • programs
  • Groundwater, surface water, noise, dust and flora and fauna
  • monitoring
  • Data and trend analysis of monitoring programs
  • Licence applications and amendments
  • Statutory reporting
  • EMS compliance
  • Community consultation and land access
  • GIS services and remote sensing

Find out how mine rehabilitation legislation in Australia is changing in our FREE guide.

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