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How to become a leader in mine rehabilitation

How to become a leader in mine rehabilitation

Decipher is an industry leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company with highly focused software solutions for mine closure and rehabilitation, tailings storage facilities, and waste landfill monitoring.
Decipher empowers you with the data and knowledge to drive progressive mine rehabilitation, offering an unparalleled and seamlessly integrated experience that brings together functionality and capability across regulatory, agricultural technology and mining technology into one platform.
  • Centralise and visualise data through one source of truth
  • Visualise data across monitoring, obligations, stakeholders and other environmental and social indicators
  • Demonstrate rehabilitation and environmental compliance
  • Deliver effective stakeholder engagement
  • Improve awareness of, and adherence to regulatory obligations and deadlines
  • Task and action management
  • Environmental and compliance reporting
  • Tenement management
  • Tailings storage facility monitoring
  • Key metrics around biomass, dust, noise, water and more
  • Combination of remote sensing technology and environmental consultation in the one platform
  • Configurable and tailored to your requirements

To find out more about mine rehabilitation, check out our FREE guide here.

Useful links:
  • Speak to our team for a free demo of our mine rehabilitation tool DecipherGreen
  • See how our solutions help manage environmental, standard and approval requirements for mine rehabilitation here
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