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Alcoa mine rehabilitation exceeds targets

Alcoa mine rehabilitation exceeds targets

ALCOA’S Huntly bauxite mine near Dwellingup has received top marks after exceeding rehabilitation targets. Alcoa mine environmental manager Soo Carney said they progressively rehabilitated as they mined in a bid to reduce the cleared footprint over time. The rehabilitation process includes landscaping, soil return, fauna habitat returning, recalcitrant planting and ongoing management and monitoring.
Dr Carney said the Huntly mine was one of two in WA to exceed targets, rehabilitating 650ha against the active mine area of 632ha.
She said tens of thousands of plants will be added to the area in the next few months. “Alcoa’s WA bauxite operations mine is in previously logged areas, we don’t mine in virgin or old growth forest areas of the Darling Range,” Dr Carney said. “We aim to re-establish all the pre-existing land uses of the forest and we’re very proud of the fact that self-sustaining jarrah forests now thrive in areas where Alcoa once mined bauxite. “Funding also goes towards initiatives such as research into conserving populations of threatened species of black cockatoo and quokka; feral predator control through Western Shield’s Operation Foxglove; the Nearer to Nature community and schools’ program, and many more important grassroots activities.”
  Originally published by The Community News.  

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