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BHP, Evolution choose K2fly solutions

BHP, Evolution choose K2fly solutions

BHP, Evolution choose K2fly solutions

Originally published by Australian Mining

BHP has ordered an initial proof of concept for Decipher’s rehabilitation solution from K2fly for use at its Hunter Valley Energy Coal operations in New South Wales.

BHP owns the Mt Arthur thermal coal mine in New South Wales through Hunter Valley Energy Coal.

In March, BHP applied for an extension of operations at the Mount Arthur mine to 2045.

Mt Arthur is the largest coal mine in in the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales.

Evolution Mining has also signed a contract with K2fly for a tailings solution that will be initially implemented at Lake Cowal in New South Wales, close by to the miner’s Cowal gold mine.

The company produced 262,035 ounces of gold at the Cowal mine in the 2020 financial year.

K2fly stated that the three-year contract with Evolution would be valued at over $250,000.

However, K2fly stated that both orders from BHP and Evolution were not material.

“While the company is very pleased with the progress to date, and we celebrate each win, and although the contracts and purchase order to date are not material contracts/orders, they do demonstrate the demand for our Decipher solutions in tailings and rehab,” K2fly stated.

K2fly acquired Decipher for Mining in January for $3.7 million in shares and has since received interest for Decipher’s solutions from major mining companies including BHP.

The company’s pipeline for Decipher solutions is growing “rapidly” due to environmental pressure from mining industry investors and stakeholders.

K2fly has attributed the demand growth to International Council on Mining and Metals’ rollout of the Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management.

The standard focusses on the safe management of tailings facilities while striving for zero harm in the workplace.

Decipher offers a wide range of solutions for tailings and mine rehabilitation, including cloud-based software-as-a-service monitoring.

This includes its tailings governance and monitoring cloud solution, which uses data to drive safety improvements, and enables the remote monitoring of facilities.

In February, K2fly chief commercial officer Nic Pollock said the company’s acquisition of Decipher was in response to customer demand.

“Our success in building our resource Inventory and governance solutions with global tier one and two clients has rapidly uncovered multiple further technical assurance needs of our customers, particularly in tailings, heritage and rehabilitation as well as land access and disturbance,” he said.

“This is coinciding with higher levels of required reporting and compliance following the release of the global tailings standard, plus the laser focus shareholders now have on ESG (environmental social governance).”

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