How are Land Access and Approvals currently managed?
How are Land Access and Approvals currently managed?

How are Land Access and Approvals currently managed?

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Anthony Walker

Chief Product Officer

In terms of land access, current management is around an approvals workflow. So we have an engine inside the K2fly solution that is looking at where all of these are directed from. And there could be multiple stakeholders in a business that are triggering off these workflows.

And it’s about centralizing those together in a process that’s curated and a process that is well laid out all the way through so that nothing slips underneath the radar. So from a K2fly perspective, the solution presents that tool, so that users interact with it, so that they’re able to achieve these tasks and manage workflow in relation to land management.

Those integrated workflows are pretty key because land access is not only for one group within a mining organization, it normally goes across a multitude of groups, Finance, HR, whatever, and a number of streams. And sometimes in that process, things could be delayed or lost. The K2fly solution keeps all of those on a portal and nags and bugs people to work through that workflow at key points. 

The net result is rather than taking X number of weeks, it’s X number of days to get that process undertaken. So those integrated workflows are absolutely key to securing land access and continued land access and management. And it’s also about creating a single source of truth. It’s no longer in files and filing cabinets that need to go and have a look at. It’s online, it’s available on a cloud, a solution if you want to so it can be accessed internal and external to the business. But there’s a single source of truth about where that is. And that single source of truth is augmented by key integrations to other third-party data sets that need to come in to inform that workflow process.

And often those integrations are manual. In some cases, they could be automated. And from a K2fly perspective, we’d be moving them to an automated integration process to speed up that process from start to finish. I think the land access process within many businesses, not all of them, within many businesses suffers the age-old death by spreadsheet kind of piece.

And yes, while spreadsheets are appropriate in some stages, as soon as this happens at scale. And as soon as you’re dealing with multiple tenements, multiple minds, multiple operations in multiple jurisdictions, that starts becoming unwieldy. So Word documents sitting over here and Excel spreadsheets sitting over there. It’s just simply not gonna cut the mustard anymore. 

So K2fly is bringing that all together to make a single source of truth. And it’s about the real-time integration of all of that data. So as one person’s editing something, it is available for a decision immediately from their dashboard and reporting over the top of that, then make sure that information is put in front of the right people at the right time to make those decisions.

Once those decisions are made, it’s tracking who made that decision and why? Remember these large sums of money that sit behind things like this. So the governance process behind that is pretty critical. And that’s what the K2fly natural resource governance kind of solutions look at. They look at, why are we doing things, who’s doing it, and vetting a process from start to finish.

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