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K2fly offers Software as a Service to its global clients to help improve their reporting, assurance and governance across the life cycle of mining projects, and other industries.

Underpinning our suite of software solutions are some key pieces of technology

RCubed is a secure, cloud-based platform which enables Mineral Resource & Reserve Governance, Compliance and Reporting.

It dramatically reduces overhead and improves efficiencies and accountability for the teams involved in mineral resource inventory and provides systemised back-up and robustness to reporting processes.

RCubed Features:

  • Full audit trails and all the information which auditors may require
  • Automated workflows enable the entire process from data capture to final sign-off ensuring an integrated and transparent reporting cycle.
  • Data rendered via integrated dashboards and reports with filters and access control allowing for the consumption of officially signed-off R&R data by executives and other stakeholders
  • A single source of truth for the entire reporting cycle, as well multiple and historical mineral planning and operational data.
  • Scalable, flexible and mobile enabled solutions
  • Conformity to CRIRSCO including SIM (NI 43101), JORC, PERC and SAREC regions and reporting requirements of major stock exchanges JSE, ASX, LSX & NYSE
  • Ability to manage requirements of multi-listed, multi-commodity, tier one mining company down to single commodity single listed companies



Infoscope is a cloud-based SaaS offering suitable for companies of all sizes.

Infoscope is transforming the way resource and infrastructure land owners manage and govern their land assets. We enable this transformation by delivering spatial first visibility, speed and efficiency in understanding and decision making and collaboration for the users across the spectrum of Land Management.

You can use our products across various land functions whether in the field or in the office, to access data from multiple business systems and public data sources empowering you to work faster and smarter, together.

Infoscope is also customisable to meet the specific needs of your organisation, building out the functionality you need to better execute your Community and Heritage management, Land Access, Tenement management and Environmental Sustainability.

Infoscope software is a recognised partner of SAP, Microsoft and ESRI.

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