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K2fly is a software company headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, servicing the mining, oil & gas, utilities, agricultural and infrastructure industries around the world.

We provide enterprise-wide technical assurance software to help organisations deliver improved environmental, social and governance (ESG) outcomes.


K2fly started back in 2016 with a focus on delivering software and services to Tier 1 clients working in the asset-intensive sectors of Mining, Utilities, Oil & Gas, and Rail.

As gaps in the market were identified, particularly around integrated reporting solutions, K2fly developed proprietary software solutions to answer those client needs.

Our offering has now expanded to cover all aspects of ESG, making K2fly the leading global provider of reporting software solutions.

K2fly (K2F) is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange


The quality, expertise and passion of our K2fly people are essential to our success.

Our team are highly experienced industry specialists, our team have a can-do approach and knack of building strong and collaborative relationships.

We are genuinely global, with staff located in Perth, Australia (HQ) and our development and delivery offices in Centurion, South Africa, Denver, Colorado (USA) and Frankfurt, Germany.


K2fly is currently providing services in 54 counties around the world, including to:

Three of four largest Iron Ore Miners

Five out of the Top 10 global gold companies

More than 460 locations and across 45 different commodities

K2fly is borne out of K2Tech
January, 2015
Move to Subiaco office with 5 members of staff
January, 2016
First multi-million dollar contract with Western Power
January, 2016
K2fly enters partnership agreement with ABB(Switzerland)
June, 2016
List on ASX
November, 2016
Neil Canby and James Deacon join K2F board
February, 2017
K2fly enters partnership agreement with Capita (UK)
March, 2017
K2fly enters partnership agreement with Pointerra(Australia)
April, 2017
Infoscope acquisition
July, 2017
K2fly enters partnership agreement with Kony (USA)
August, 2017
K2fly joins GE Digital Alliance Program (USA)
September, 2017
Jenny Cutri joins K2F board
September, 2017
K2fly enters reseller agreement with AMT-SYBEX (UK)
September, 2017
Infoscope expands client base in the Australian mining sector
October, 2017
K2fly becomes a member of the SAP Partner Edge Program (Germany)
October, 2017
K2fly expands into transport infrastructure sector with Arc Infrastructure
November, 2017
Infoscope integrated into SAP S/4 HANA ecosystem
April, 2018
Infoscope listed on SAP app centre
June, 2018
Infoscope enters Esri partner program (Esri)
August, 2018
First international client signed
March, 2019
RCubed acquisition  
May, 2019
First RCubed client signed since acquisition
June, 2019
K2fly partners with Decipher to create a solution for Tailings Storage Facilities
July, 2020
Sateva acquisition
October, 2020
Infoscope becomes an SAP Endorsed App solution
November, 2020

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