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Delivering environmental, social and governance (ESG) outcomes

Servicing mining, resource, oil & gas, utilities, agricultural, infrastructure and asset intensive industries globally

K2fly Overview

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3 of the 5 big iron ore miners


4 of the top 10 global gold majors

Driving our business forward

A ‘One Team’ Culture

Our software and our people will contribute to a more sustainable and transparent world
To be a trusted partner of choice to enterprise customers in high risk industries
Customer Focused

We will develop enhanced client relationship by consistently delivering and exceeding expectations. This will require the discipline and focus to ensure that the client sees us as a trusted partner who helps them deliver on their targets.


Our goal is to grow to be seen as a thought leader in our specialist areas. We will drive to constantly and consistently improve our solutions and our delivery capability. We will share ideas, knowledge and learning to grow and improve our solutions and our clients.


We will do what we say we will do. We will do the right thing and always strive to create value for our clients and our partners. We will not be afraid to voice concerns if we see unethical or inappropriate behaviours.


We will listen, learn and develop a ‘One K2fly’ culture. We will be an inclusive organisation and we will each take responsibility for outcomes within K2fly and its client base. We will not be restrained by working in silos and we will welcome the engagement of industry partners.


We will be curious, creative and innovative in all that we do. Our team will work dynamically to ensure that we contribute to the building of new or improved solutions. We will keep a watching brief on external factors, be they economic, political or social to ensure K2fly’s commercial success.